Bugs & Friends Sing Elvis is a 1997 soundtrack album released by Rhino Records and WEA and featuring Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes companions putting up a tribute to songs performed by Elvis Presley.

Track listings

  1. It's Now or Never - The Looney Tunes Singers
  2. (You're the) Devil in Disguise - Pepe Le Pew/Taz
  3. Hound Dog - Daffy/Bugs/Elmer
  4. All Shook Up - Marvin the Martian
  5. Heartbreak Hotel - Yosemite Sam/Bugs
  6. Love Me Tender - Foghorn Leghorn
  7. Suspicious Minds - The Looney Tunes Singers
  8. Don't Be Cruel - Daffy Duck
  9. Jailhouse Rock - Bugs/Yosemite Sam/Porky/Tweety/Elmer
  10. Good Luck Charm - Bugs/Elmer


Bugs Bunny And Friends Sing Elvis (Looney Tunes) (With Download Link)

Bugs Bunny And Friends Sing Elvis (Looney Tunes) (With Download Link)

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