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Blunders Never Cease
Series: Taz-Mania
Season: 1
Episode #: 14b
Written by: Henry Gilroy
Art Vitello
Date aired: December 7, 1991
Previous episode: Comic Madness
Next episode: Mall Wrecked

Blunders Never Cease is an episode of Taz-Mania.  It first aired 7 Dec 1991.


The title is a play on the phrase "Will wonders never cease?"


Francis sees the doctor for potions that will help him in his quest to capture Taz. A strength ointment applied inappropriately fails to do the trick. Speed Broth sends Francis tumbling to the North Pole. With the doc's new growth spray, Francis actually captures Taz for a moment, until it wears off, allowing Taz to have some fun with it.


  • At the beginning, Taz breaks the fourth wall and speaks in a perfectly normal voice.


Taz-Mania Blunders Never Cease09:43

Taz-Mania Blunders Never Cease

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