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  • Krazy Rabbit

    I hope this doesn't sound like too much to ask, but please take a moment to see my promotion request for Acme Head and tell me your honest opinion about whether you think I deserve the position or not.

    Here's the thread. Make your voice heard.

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  • Krazy Rabbit

    At the bottom of some of the pages, you may notice a template called at the bottom of the page, the system will list the article under "T" instead of "S."

    For whatever reason, placing the DEFAULTSORT template will act like as if you had added all of those categories at once, so if you want to get a lot of points adding a ton of categories to pages, by all means take on this project.

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  • TheBigGnome

    Title Cards

    May 5, 2017 by TheBigGnome

    I had no idea there were so many variations of title cards. I had thought there was only one kind for television shows, but further research has shown that there are a great number of different title cards for each cartoon from different anthology shows.

    I think it's a great day whenever I learn something new, however this means my idea for using the tabs won't be as tidy as I envisioned. To identify each card with a tab by show would either require tabs as wide as the infobox, making it extra tall, or some sort of abbreviation with a key elsewhere on the page. I don't care much for either option, so will probably reserve the tabs just for Original and Blue Ribbon titles, and keep the tv title cards in a gallery.

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  • Looneytunerian

    So I just came across another version of a Looney Tunes Wiki: Loonipedia.

    Is anybody from this wiki starting a brand new Looney Tunes Wiki?

    Anybody know about this?

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  • Krazy Rabbit

    Boomerang is launching a new standalone streaming app in the spring. It will contain full episodes of shows from the Warner Bros. and Turner catalogs, such as Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and The Smurfs. New shows, such as Be Cool Scooby-Doo, Bunnicula, and New Looney Tunes will also be viewable on the app. The subscription will cost $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year.

    Unfortunately, the service is not launching anywhere outside of the United States.

    More info here.

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  • SonicFan

    As you know, the only movies that have not been seen on Boomerang Theater are the LT movies as follows:

    • The Bugs Bunny Road-Runner Movie
    • The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie
    • Bugs Bunny's 1001 Rabbit Tales
    • Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island
    • Daffy Duck's Quackbusters
    • Tweety's High Flying Adventure
    • Looney Tunes: Back In Action
    • Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas
    • Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run

    The way I see it, Boomerang should at least squeeze movies starring everybody's favorite wacky bunch, courtesy of WB.

    All those in favor of wanting to see LT movies air on Boomerang Theater, say "Aye".

    For those who oppose, name the catch.

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  • Krazy Rabbit

    I thought this was going to be something like “Bugs Bunny meets Plastic Man! Hilarity ensues!” but nope.

    Turns out, these appear to be in the same vein as the Hanna-Barbara reboots DC Comics has been publishing recently, like Scooby Apocalypse (Scooby-Doo), The Flintstones (which I’ve heard is actually not bad) and Snagglepuss. Now they’re digging into the Looney Tunes library to see what they could revamp. The covers have been released, and…you be the judge.

    View the information and covers here.

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  • Krazy Rabbit

    Need something to do?

    February 5, 2017 by Krazy Rabbit

    1. Go to any video series page. Here, I’ll try and list them:

    • Viddy-Oh! For Kids Cartoon Festivals
    • Cartoon Moviestars
    • Bugs Bunny Collection
    • The Golden Age of Looney Tunes

    • The Looney Tunes Video Show
    • Warner Bros. Cartoons Golden Jubilee 24 Karat Collection
    • Looney Tunes Movie Title Parody Series
    • Authentic and Original Warner Bros. Looney Tunes Cartoons
    • Looney Tunes Laserdiscs
    • Stars of Space Jam
    • Modern Looney Tunes Series (VHS)
    • Looney Tunes Presents
    • Looney Tunes Golden Collection
    • Looney Tunes Super Stars
    • Looney Tunes Platinum Collection

    • The Looney Tunes Video Show (French)
    • Japanese Looney Tunes Laserdiscs
    • Looney Tunes: The Collectors Edition (Columbia House)
    • I Love Tweety (Japan)

    ...and that’s not even counting the numerous European video releases.

    2. Go down the…

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  • TheJasbre202

    NOTE: Some of the original title cards will be recreated titles made by fans, those cards will have an asterisk next to the name of the cartoon.

    Original Title Card Blue Ribbon Reissue Cartoon Name Release Date No. Series
    N/A "Sinkin' in the Bathtub" 4-19-1930 1 LT
    N/A "Congo Jazz" 9-1930 2 LT
    N/A "Hold Anything" 10-1930 3 LT
    N/A "The Booze Hangs High" 12-1930 4 LT
    N/A "Box Car Blues" 12-1930 5 LT
    N/A "Big Man from the North" 1-1931 6 LT
    N/A "Ain't Nature Grand!" 3-1931 7 LT
    N/A "Ups 'n Downs" 3-14-1931 8 LT
    N/A "Dumb Patrol" 5-16-1931 9 LT
    N/A "Yodeling Yokels" 6-1931 10 LT
    N/A "Bosko's Holiday" 7-18-1931 11 LT
    N/A "The Tree's Knees" 7-25-1931 12 LT
    N/A "Lady, Play Your Mandolin!" 8-1931 13 MM
    N/A "Smile, Darn Ya…

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  • Orange Mo

    My future DVD release

    January 23, 2017 by Orange Mo

    If WB ever decided to continue the platinum collection series, they should have these cartoons.

    Marked with * is Public domain

    Volume 4 Disc 1 (politically incorrect) The Early Worm Gets the Bird* (with original titles if possible) I Taw a putty tat (with original titles if possible) Flop goes the weasel* (Henery Hawk) Inki and the Lion Caveman Inki The little lion hunter Inki at the Circus Inki and mynah bird* A feather in his hare Injun trouble (1969) Which is witch Horse Hare Tom Tom Tomcat September in the Rain (with original titles if possible) Confederate Honey Injun trouble (1938) Slightly Daffy Sioux Me (with original titles if possible) Wake up the gypsy in me The Mighty Hunters (with original titles if possible) Let it be me Bingo …

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  • TheJasbre202

    You see those Looney Tunes DVD commercials yet own none of them?! Here's how to steadily get your way into owning 400-500 of the 1100 Looney Tunes shorts!

    1. Looney Tunes Super Stars (each DVD is $7, and you only wanna get the non-double dipped ones)
    2. Looney Tunes Mouse Collection (this DVD / Blu-Ray set is about $16 and includes a lot of new cartoons)
    3. Looney Tunes Golden Collection (the 6-pack is about $82 if you order from the seller, no third party sellers so you know your not getting a counterfeit, this includes over 356 cartoons and 24 discs, very worth the $82)
    4. Looney Tunes Platinum Collection (I personally love seeing Looney Tunes on Blu-Ray, and the platinum collection is a great collection, if I were you, i'd get all three volu…
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  • TheJasbre202

    Today I was just looking on YouTube for a possible remastered version of "Ali Baba Bound" directed by Robert Clampett and I found one, It would be wonderful if they'd remaster this onto another Platinum Collection (which would include all 1930's and early 1940's cartoons) because this is one of my all-time favorite Public Domain Looney Tunes cartoons. I hope Warner Bros. does something with the rest of the cartoons soon, i'm starting to get angry....

    Anyways here's the cartoon:

    I hope Jerry Beck or someone at the Warners Remastering unit does something soon.

    Note:Also I am making a CUSTOM Looney Tunes / Merrie Melodies DVD set with User:Orange Mo with a ton of Dubbed Looney Tunes cartoons, I deem it…

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  • Pm58790

    This video I found is a commercial of Warner Bros. Studio Store on QVC.

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  • Orange Mo

    Creating something new increases the imagination that we seek in new contributors and assimilates you more into the wiki community. When I came to Wikia in 2013, I had no idea about all these articles and how they were REALLY meant to be written.

    People really don't know what Wikia was really meant for. Yes, it was to build a community with other users about a subject you are all passionate about, but they don't see the big picture. Wikis are something ANYONE with an Internet connection can edit, and someone can revert all their work into something totally false. The new readers don't know the original content on the page was true, so this is why users use sources to back up their content. Nowadays, Wikia has transformed into a community wh…

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  • Grabbit

    These links can show you the answer.

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  • 763492

    Over the years, outside from Warner Bros., we all know there're many past and present competitors worldwide, including Disney, in different media always wanted to cash in on the styles, humor and traits of the Looney Tunes series and as well as its charterers, by creating characters with their LT inspirations, since the Looney Tunes is a popular franchise. In fact, love or hate them, there's alot of those nowadays, and you can't even tell how many are those. So this's why I'm made my top 10 characters that knock-offs from the Looney Tunes.

    In this top 10 list, this's only the animated, comics, and video game characters in the different franchises that're not made by Warner Bros.

    Here we go!

    10. Screwball Squirel (MGM)

    9. Woody Woodpecker (Universa…

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  • Orange Mo

    MGM Cartoons Wiki

    December 5, 2016 by Orange Mo

    Join beloved cartoon fans to the MGM Cartoons Wiki. I am trying to get it started but I am going to need A LOT of help from users. Would you guys please join to help me I will promote the users who join first. and who I can trust too, who I interact with most.

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  • Krazy Rabbit

    EDIT: To my knowledge, the categorization of both the Sunset Productions-distributed cartoons and the a.a.p.-owned cartoons is complete! Good work, folks!

    Well, since we have a category for cartoons in the Associated Artists Productions television package, I figured that we should make one for Sunset Productions, who owned most of the black-and-white cartoons in the WB library, including, but not limited to, the black-and-white Looney Tunes shorts (such as those with Bosko and Buddy), the black-and-white Merrie Melodies from 1934 to 1935, and...that's it, really.

    So if you know cartoons in the Sunset package, feel free to add Category:Cartoons in the Sunset Productions package to the page!

    Good luck,
    Krazy Rabbit

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  • Grabbit

    New Discovery

    October 24, 2016 by Grabbit

    All these screenshots use a background with a layout by Maurice Noble and a painting by Philip DeGuard . Is this true or false?

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  • Grabbit

    Since Hocus Pocus Pow Wow is a extremely rare cartoon, I've been taking more screenshots of that short, posting them in its gallery, and did you know what else I'm doing? Putting quotes from the short on some images to make it look like a cartoon, but with pictures and words. The video is available at However, to see it, you have to sign up for an account with the site (either with Facebook or with an email address).

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  • LtFantasmic

    This is a parody of the Animaniacs theme song to be sung by the Warner Bunnies (Bugs Bunny as Yakko Warner, Buster Bunny as Wakko Warner, and Babs Bunny as Dot Warner), while they dance and act like the Warners.

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  • 763492

    Here are my top 2 lists of possible Looney Tunes DVD collection that I would like see in the future.

    1. a DVD series that only features the collection of pre-1948 a.a.p. pakage Warner Bros. cartoons. I thinkit would be called "Looney Tunes: The A.A.P. Package Collection"
    2. a DVD collection that would only features Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons in public domain, which all restored like how some of them already did for other LT DVDs, you know what I mean. I think it would called "The Looney Tunes Public Domain Edition"

    So what would you think of those? Would those be a possible idea for WB able to released those at some point and why? Please comment below.

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  • EmirHero4
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  • 763492

    I know Looney Tunes already airs on Cartoon Network/Boomerang and yes, I know that the channel Toon Disney/Jetnix is now changed/rebranded into Disney XD. But back when I was young, I used to wished that if the Looney Tunes would come to Toon Disney and Jetnix channel because it's makes alot of sense.

    And I made this sereis transcripts of promos, commercails, etc. based on my thoughts to make me imagine that what if would of be like if LT would of come to Toon Disney, though I know in reailty it did not happened of course. But I wish Disney should of. And if thy should've, they should of air pre-1943 LT (execpt the Bosko series) black and white cartoons, and 1948-1969 color Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons just like how Nickelodeon…

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  • 763492

    I know the Looney Tunes franchise is focused to to be fully comedy, but I do know and watch some of the cartoons of LT/MM that're not comdic or less comedic, which an inspired by the Disney cartoons. So though I don't think I could list thier name on my post, so can you please list the names of the non-comdic LT/MM cartoons on this comment box and tell me how many they are in order?

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  • Grabbit

    Since a lot of TV shows (1960's - 1970's)  have theatrical shorts for TV distribution, I'll be adding some new pages (Example: Do or Diet [A "The Bugs Bunny Show" episode]) and types of categories to theatrical shorts (Examples: The Bugs Bunny Show Season 1 Cartoons, The Porky Pig Show Cartoons ect.) to help expand this wikia. In addition, I'll post snapshots and/or videos of certain shorts in the episode pages that I'm doing soon. Credit for all the information goes to Kevin McCorry. I found everything I'm using to update the pages on his website. You should check out his website, it's really cool! I included a link to it here - clicking on his name will take you to his website.

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  • WillTheArthurandBusterFan5050

    (For Admins, Mods, and interested readers only please)

    I admit this blog seems silly and is petty but this is just something I'd like to see on this Wikia. This is not to annoy anyone.

    I am looking for Looney Tune railroad crossing pictures and some train pictures (railroad crossings or railroad-crossing like places shown in Looney Tunes episodes whether from the early days of Looney Tunes or more modern more recent ones.)

    I do understand that most of the railroad crossings, well some of them that were featured in the Looney Tunes cartoons will either be passive crossings (crossings with the X-shaped sign, called a "crossbuck" on a post, some being wigwag crossings, and some having black and white or black and yellow crossing gates but that i…

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  • Krazy Rabbit

    File names

    May 3, 2016 by Krazy Rabbit

    I've been rearranging the galleries on this wiki, and I've noticed that the files on this wiki are often poorly named. By "poorly named", I mean that they're not terribly descriptive. At all.

    For example, let's say I upload a file called "DaffyDuck.PNG." Can you guess what the file contains without looking at it first?

    "Well," you say, "that's easy. It contains Daffy Duck." "Yeah," I retort, "but...

    • what cartoon is it from?
    • is it even from a cartoon at all?
    • If so, what comic book is it from?
    • What game is it from?
    • What show is it from?
    • What is Daffy DOING, even?"

    It's a problem that's been wearing me down as of late, and while we can't change the past, we can change the future. Henceforth, I recommend that files we upload to this wiki be given clearer…

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  • SonicFan

    You may not care about this but LT shorts such as Rabbit Seasoning and Duck Amuck air on CN or Boomerang with the pitch audio that's highly ear-piercing.

    They never bother to show the remastered version of those shorts with the correct pitch on either channel at all and I can't understand why.

    I do remember when Boomerang would show the remastered version of Rabbit Seasoning in November 2013. Sadly, that was it.

    Any idea why CN or Boomerang won't play remastered versions of any LT short? If you know, please answer.

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  • 763492

    (Sigh). How shocking and tragic to learn, research, and hear about a famous guy who was considered to voice Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester Cat, Tweety, and other Looney Tunes characters we know had passed away last month ago who goes by the name of Joe Alaskey. He was like a new generation of Mel Blanc to me. In fact, he truly did a really good job with his Mel Blanc impression while he voiced those characters that're LT or non-LT over the years., since, of course, Mel Blanc was a world's popular cartoon voice actors of all times and continues to inspire many of past and today's voices actors worldwide, including Joe.

    I wish he was alive today because I love with his 1930s or 40s-ish voice accent as he voiced those cartoons characters, i…

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  • TheBigGnome


    March 11, 2016 by TheBigGnome

    I know they don't teach much grammar in schools anymore (my son made it through high school and seems to have only absorbed some osmotically from me), but it seems like those interested in creating or editing encyclopedic articles for this wikia should also have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of grammar.  I don't want to be a grammar nazi, but mistakes do irk me as they interrupt the flow of the article, so I edit them when I find them.  At the very least, grammar mistakes make it easier for me to earn my badges... :)

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  • DerpDerpDerpy

    What's up, Blog?

    March 1, 2016 by DerpDerpDerpy
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  • Victor3p


    February 26, 2016 by Victor3p

    Hola Amgos Hoy Les Traigo Un xat bien prendido

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  • Heroing12

    Attention I have a special news

    Joe Alaskey who voice bugs bunny and Daffy Duck pass away for cancer. We miss you.

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  • Grabbit

    Note: The entire story was written by someone on DeviantArt. I didn't write it, but I thought was too cool not to share. The only parts I added to it are in square brackets [like these]. Here is the link to the story where it was originally posted (Full Story ).

    [Insert Looney Tunes opening theme]

    Episode Title: Deck The Halls Without Holly

    [Insert Really Scent opening theme music]

    Phineas and Ferb were sitting in the backyard watching the clouds as they came up with another crazy scheme to do to pass the remaining summer days. "Hmm...what are we gonna do today?" Phineas asked his good old stepbrother. Ferb was so entranced by the clouds. They already flew in the clouds with their Paper Pelican. "We could make our own shapes in the clouds," Phineas t…

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  • Grabbit

    The template "Infobox Shorts" will be updated soon.

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  • Looneytunerian

    For those of you who have Looney Tunes Dash app on their mobile devices, there's a list of collector cards available in an article in the Looney Tunes Dash section.

    But it's imcomplete. 

    If you know how to post collector cards, please share them on FaceBook, so that we can be able to add them in the collector cards article. 

    Every little bit helps.

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  • Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz

    They have continued to make looney tunes for almost 80 years now. That shows how popular the series has been. I wonder how long they will continue to make new looney tunes stuff. I also wonder if it will always be funny.

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  • SonicFan

    Since the death of Mel Blanc, other voice actors have taken over as the new voice of Bugs Bunny.

    They include Greg Burson, Jeff Bergman, Billy West, and Joe Alaskey.

    Personally, I think Billy West should do the voice justice. He's done well since Space Jam. I loved hearing him again in the webisodes like Toon Marooned.

    Who do you think is the #1 modern voice for Bugs Bunny?

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  • Grabbit

    2015 & Joke

    September 5, 2015 by Grabbit

    This is 2015, and this is my 2015th edit, people!

    What do you get when you cross a rabbit and insects?

    Bugs Bunny!

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  • SonicFan

    I do enjoy watching Looney Tunes either on Cartoon Network or Boomerang but there are two problems.

    1. They always show the same shorts instead of the ones we should see. (I would love to see early Porky Pig shorts and Speedy Gonzales.)

    2. They never change the audio from PAL to NTSC for certain shorts like Duck Amuck and Rabbit Seasoning.

    If anyone knows the cause to these problems and what it would take to fix them, feel free to write anytime.

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  • CalzoneManiac


    August 4, 2015 by CalzoneManiac

    I just turned 25 today!

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  • Goku Kakarot

    I wish to give a very happy 75th birthday to one of the greatest icons in the history of animation, Bugs Bunny. Some may argue that Bugs' debut was in 1938's "Porky's Hare Hunt", but I think the general consensus is that 1940's "A Wild Hare" was the first cartoon short to feature the definitive version of Bugs. Since that cartoon was originally released to theaters on July 27, 1940, that would make today its 75th anniversary. It's a shame that the media doesn't seem to be making a big deal out of this milestone anniversary. When Bugs hit his 50th birthday in 1990 (the year I was born), there were apparently all sorts of tributes to him by celebrities and others. Just check out the "Happy Birthday Bugs: 50 Looney Years" special on YouTube i…

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  • Grabbit

    Bad News

    July 24, 2015 by Grabbit

    Bad news, everyone, all the clips I have taken from the user,(ClassicLTMM Fan) are copyright-striked. So, any clips you see that are posted by me and unable to watch you take them down, OK?

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  • Grabbit

    How do I remove a cartoon out of an unwanted catagory?

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  • Grabbit


    July 8, 2015 by Grabbit
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  • Grabbit

    Plagiarized Articles

    July 6, 2015 by Grabbit

    So what I'm thinking is that if we see plagiarized articles, we don't edit on them, from what I know of, we just leave them alone and find another unplagiarized article, THEN we edit. Is that all clear with all of you?

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  • CuldeSac12

    OK! Now I understand that Tiny Toon Adventures is related with Looney Tunes since Looney Tunes characters have important roles in the show as teachers and I understand that this wiki has articles about it.

    But, I never see why Animaniacs has articles about them on the wiki since it doesn't have any relationship with Looney Tunes. I know that Looney Tunes characters have occasional cameos in the show but besides this they don't have any relation and don't have important roles there.

    So I say you should get rid of the articles that are related to Animaniacs since they aren't releated to Looney Tunes, just like you did with Histeria and Freakazoid.

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  • Jeff Meredith

    Here is an alternate Christmas song for the episode A Christmas Carol that would've worked, too:

    It's shaping up to be a wonderful holiday,Not your normal average everyday.Sounds like someone felled my old coral tree. Bugs & Daffy, why'd you do this to me? The world feels like it's in loverly!Go away before I harm you bodily.This Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me.

    There'll be shopping, decorating, and plenty of snow. Hey Daffy, who's that under the mistletoe? What? Who, me? Would you look at the time, I should go! People seem a little more brotherly. Here's a special something to you from me. Even all the trash on Christmas, it smells so sweetly.

    This Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me.

    I just know I work that day Gi…

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  • Pm58790


    April 2, 2015 by Pm58790

    A Kids' WB! show, Histeria! featuring cameo characters from Looney Tunes.

    I was wondering there's any connections between Histeria! and Looney Tunes.

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