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Ant Hill Harry, alias "Babyface" Finster, is a Looney Tunes character who debuted in Baby Buggy Bunny. He was voiced by Mel Blanc. He is a 35-year-old criminal whose physique strongly resembles one of a baby.


In Baby Buggy Bunny after robbing a bank, he accidentally loses his money down Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole and pretends to be an orphan baby so he can steal it back.

Criminal Book

Babyface with the number 12-18-54 in The Looney Tunes Show

In The Looney Tunes Show he appears in a criminal record book while Daffy Duck searches for the robber who stole his handbag.


The Looney Tunes Show



  • His name is apparently based on a real-life criminal, "Baby Face" Nelson.

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