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Axl Gator
Background information
Species: alligator
Gender: male
Debut appearance: The Dog the Turtle Story
Created by:
Portrayed by: Rob Paulsen

Axl Gator is a character on Taz-Mania voiced by Rob Paulsen.


A rather stupid gator, he and Bull Gator are a pair. He and Bull are trying to capture Taz and take him to a zoo for the children.

In Sidekicked, it is revealed Axl is quite educated. He holds several college degrees, but plays the part of a bumbling stooge to both appease Bull and to find a purpose in life.


  • The Dog the Turtle Story
  • It's No Picnic
  • Kidnapped Koala
  • Instant Replay
  • The Amazing Shrinking Taz and Co
  • Taz Babies
  • Sidekicked
  • Take All of Me
  • Ready, Willing, Unable
  • Hypnotazed
  • No Time For Christmas
  • Bully For Bull
  • Retakes Not Included
  • Pledge Dredge
  • It's a Taz's Life
  • Gee, Bull!
  • Sidekick for a Day
  • MMORPD (cameo)

He also made a cameo appearance on Duck Dodgers.

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