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Astro Taz
Series: Taz-Mania
Season: 1
Episode #: 34b
Written by: Henry Gilroy
Art Vitello
Directed by: {{{directed by}}}
Date aired: September 26, 1992
Previous episode: A Midsummer Night's Scream
Next episode: Driving Mr. Taz

Astro Taz is an episode of Taz-Mania directed by Douglas McCarthy. It first aired 26 Sep 1992.


Taz spins up to Mission Control and peers in the window, spying a man handling the controls. "Taz like video game" so he spins inside, but mistakenly boards a space shuttle prepped for launch. He sticks a quarter in a random slot and it causes a short circuit, launching the shuttle. The men from mission control exposit that the mission to space was to save earth from being destroyed by meteors. They trick Taz into thinking the mission is a video game, so that he'll destroy the meteors. He does, but then crashes the shuttle into the cliff face above his house, telling his parents "Taz like video game!"

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