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Animaniacs Episode 3 first aired September 15, 1993.

H.M.S. Yakko

Main article: H.M.S. Yakko

A pun on Charles Darwin's ship, the HMS Beagle, the Warners go up against a pint-sized pirate, then explain the scientific nature of a cartoon character.

Slappy Goes Walnuts

Main article: Slappy Goes Walnuts

The pilot Slappy short. Slappy Squirrel, a grumpy old retired Looney Tune, takes her nephew Skippy under her wing and mentors him in the art of cartoons, of which she knows every trick in the book.

Yakko's Universe

Main article: Yakko's Universe

Yakko sings a song that progressively describes the universe.

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Animaniacs Episode 2
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Animaniacs Episode 4

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