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Title Card

Animaniacs Title Card

General information
Series: Tiny Toon Adventures
Directed by: Art Vitello
Produced by:
Written by: Paul Dini and Tom Minton
Animation by: ACOM
Voices by:
Layouts by:
Backgrounds by:
Music by:

"Animaniacs!" is the 38th Tiny Toon Adventures episode and the 8th episode animated by ACOM.


When Buster shows Plucky how to make a cartoon,Plucky ends up winning first prize at the film festival.

But the prize is to take the course over because he skipped most of his course.                                                                                                         


  • Despite the title card saying Animaniacs. This has nothing to do with Animaniacs because this episode was released three years after Animaniacs first started it's production.
  • This episode is a continuation of a episode called,'"'Cinemaniacs!".
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