Bugs Bunny AVGN

Angry Video Game Nerd is a retrogaming web series. Bugs Bunny is the main antagonist of a pair of episodes where the Nerd (himself a antagonistic, villainous jerk in his episodes) reviews a family of games about the iconic cartoon character. He is one of the most dangerous, formidable, and hostile enemies the Nerd has ever faced over the decade.


Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

Bugs Bunny first appears as a "friendly" character that randomly barges into the Nerd's basement when he's playing a video game about the rabbit. However, due to the Nerd's bitter rage, he constantly beats the poor bunny to near death every time he speaks. When the Nerd finishes the game and reaches his breaking point, he mercilessly pummels Bugs and defecates on his furry face.

Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

A few years later, Bugs returns. Though he enjoyed getting beaten up (as he is a Looney Toon character) he did not, however, enjoy getting a face full of gamer feces. As such, the bunny returns with a vengeance and forces the Nerd to play several games about him. When the Nerd attempts to fight back, Bugs uses his surprisingly fast and powerful fighting skills to knock the Nerd into submission. After a Looney Tunes-esque battle, the Nerd gets a taste of his own medicine by getting a face full of rabbit feces. The struggle leads to the Nerd winning by viciously ripping his rival's head off, but he grows another one (being Woody Woodpecker) and pins the Nerd by a lit bomb. The kamikaze attack kills them both and they are sent to Hell, Bugs still laughing in an annoying Woody Woodpecker voice.