A Waggily Tale
Directed By: Friz Freleng
Produced By: John W. Burton
Released: April 26, 1958
Series: Looney Tunes
Story: Warren Foster
Animation: Arthur Davis
Virgil Ross
Gerry Chiniquy
Layouts: Hawley Pratt
Backgrounds: Boris Gorelick
Film Editor: Treg Brown
Voiced By: Daws Butler
June Foray
Lucille Bliss
Music: Milt Franklyn
Starring: Junior
Preceded By: Whoa, Be-Gone!
Succeeded By: Feather Bluster
A Waggily Tale (1958)06:30

A Waggily Tale (1958)

A Waggily Tale is a 1958 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Friz Freleng.


A boy named Junior, who treats his dog Elvis cruelly, is scolded by his mother and sent to his room to have a nap. Junior dreams that he is a dog adopted by a loving little girl, who doesn't know that dogs aren't supposed to be washed in a washing machine, or bandaged from head-to-toe after being beaten up by a scrappier, smaller dog, or toothbrushed with shaving cream, which gets him caught by animal control who mistake him for a rabid dog and is awaiting to be put down. Junior awakes from his dream in shock. Now sensitive to his own dog's feelings, Junior vows to be nicer to him. Elvis asides to the audience that he's not a real dog, but also a boy who's stuck in a dream of being a dog.


A similar scene from "A Kiddies Kitty" in this cartoon where Junior as a dog is thrown into a washing machine by a little girl and comes out of the machine as a big ball of fur is cut when aired on The WB.[1]




  2. (Full episode paired with "From A to Z-Z-Z-Z" and "Boyhood Daze")

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