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1967 W7 ad
Cool Cat

Cool Cat debuts

1967 is another year in Looney Tunes history.



  1. Music note Daffy's Diner (McKimson/Jan 21)
  2. Lt icon Quacker Tracker (Larriva/Apr 29)
  3. Music note The Music Mice-Tro (Larriva/May 27)
  4. Lt icon The Spy Swatter (Larriva/Jun 24)
  5. Music note Speedy Ghost to Town (Lovy/Jul 29)
  6. Lt icon Rodent to Stardom (Lovy/Sep 23)
  7. Music note Go Away Stowaway (Lovy/Sep 30)
  8. Lt icon Cool Cat (Lovy/Oct 14)
  9. Music note Merlin the Magic Mouse (Lovy/Nov 18)
  10. Lt icon Fiesta Fiasco (Lovy/Dec 9)

Character Debuts

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