1966 is another year in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies history.


  1. Lt icon The Astroduck (McKimson/Jan 1)
  2. Lt icon Shot and Bothered (Larriva/Jan 8)
  3. Music note Out and Out Rout (Larriva/Jan 29)
  4. Music note Mucho Locos(McKimson/Feb 5)
  5. Lt icon The Solid Tin Coyote (Larriva/Feb 19)
  6. Music note Mexican Mousepiece (McKimson/Feb 26)
  7. Lt icon Clippety Clobbered (Larriva/Mar 12)
  8. Lt icon Daffy Rents (McKimson/Mar 26)
  9. Lt icon A-Haunting We Will Go (McKimson/Apr 26/4:3)
  10. Music note Snow Excuse (McKimson/May 21)
  11. Lt icon A Squeak in the Deep (McKimson/Jul 19)
  12. Music note Feather Finger (McKimson/Aug 20)
  13. Lt icon Swing Ding Amigo (McKimson/Sep 17)
  14. Lt icon Sugar and Spies (McKimson/Nov 5)
  15. Music note A Taste of Catnip (McKimson/Dec 3)

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