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"Moby Duck"

1965 is a year in the Golden Age of Warner Bros. Cartoons. Nineteen cartoons were made in this year (excluding the two Adventures of the Road-Runner breakdowns).

Cartoons for 1965

  1. Lt icon Zip Zip Hooray! (Jones/January 1)
  2. Lt icon It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House (Freleng/January 16)
  3. Music note Cats and Bruises (Freleng/January 30)
  4. Music note Roadunner a Go-Go (Jones/February 1)
  5. Music note The Wild Chase (Freleng/Febuary 27/4:3)
  6. Lt icon Moby Duck (McKimson/March 27)
  7. Music note Assault and Peppered (McKimson/April 24)
  8. Lt icon Well Worn Daffy (McKimson/May 22)
  9. Music note Suppressed Duck (McKimson/June 26)
  10. Music note Corn on the Cop (Spector/July 24/PP&F: HH)
  11. Music note Rushing Roulette (McKimson/July 31)
  12. Music note Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner (Larriva/August 21)
  13. Lt icon Tease for Two (McKimson/August 28)
  14. Music note Tired and Feathered (Larriva/September 18)
  15. Music note Boulder Wham (Larriva/October 9/RR&C:SH)
  16. Lt icon Chili Corn Corny (McKimson/October 23)
  17. Music note Just Plane Beep (Larriva/October 30)
  18. Music note Hairied and Hurried (Larriva/November 13/RR&C:SH)
  19. Music note Go Go Amigo (McKimson/November 20)
  20. Lt icon Highway Runnery (Larriva/December 11/RR&C:SH)
  21. Music note Chaser on the Rocks (Larriva/December 25/RR&C:SH)

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