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  1. Music note I Was a Teenage Thumb (Jones and Noble/January 19)
  2. Music note Devil's Feud Cake (Freleng/February 9)
  3. Music note Fast Buck Duck (McKimson and Bonnicksen/March 9)
  4. Lt icon The Million Hare (McKimson/April 6/BB:HE)
  5. Lt icon Mexican Cat Dance (Freleng/April 20)
  6. Lt icon Now Hear This (Jones and Noble/April 27/6:4)
  7. Music note Woolen Under Where (Monroe and Thompson/May 11)
  8. Lt icon Hare-Breadth Hurry (Jones and Noble/June 8)
  9. Music note Banty Raids (McKimson/June 29)
  10. Music note Chili Weather (Freleng/August 17/4:3)
  11. Music note The Unmentionables (Freleng/September 7)
  12. Music note Aqua Duck (McKimson/September 28)
  13. Music note Mad as a Mars Hare (Jones and Noble/October 19/1:2 P)
  14. Music note Claws in the Lease (McKimson/November 9/S&HH:MM)
  15. Music note Transylvania 6-5000 (Jones and Noble/November 30/5:1)
  16. Music note To Beep or Not to Beep (Jones and Noble/December 28/3:4)

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