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"Martian Through Georgia"

1962 is another year in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies history.


  • August 7 - The final first-run episode of The Bugs Bunny Show airs on ABC.
  • August - The Bugs Bunny Show moves from prime-time to Saturday mornings.


  1. Lt icon Wet Hare (McKimson/Jan 20)
  2. Music note A Sheep in the Deep (Jones/Feb 10)
  3. Lt icon Fish and Slips (McKimson/Mar 10)
  4. Music note Quackodile Tears (Davis/Mar 31)
  5. Music note Crow's Feat (Freleng/Apr 21)
  6. Lt icon Mexican Boarders (Freleng/May 12/4:3)
  7. Music note Bill of Hare (McKimson/Jun 9/1:2 P)
  8. Music note Zoom at the Top (Jones/Jun 30)
  9. Lt icon The Slick Chick (McKimson/Jul 21)
  10. Lt icon Louvre Come Back to Me! (Jones/Aug 18)
  11. Music note Honey's Money (Freleng/Sep 1/3:1 P)
  12. Lt icon The Jet Cage (Freleng/Sep 22)
  13. Music note Mother was a Rooster (McKimson/Oct 20)
  14. Lt icon Good Noose (McKimson/Nov 10)
  15. Lt icon Shishkabugs (Freleng/Dec 8)
  16. Lt icon Martian Through Georgia (Jones/Dec 29/6:4)

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