1. Lt icon Cannery Woe
  2. Music note Zip 'N Snort
  3. Lt icon Hoppy Daze
  4. Music note The Mouse on 57th Street
  5. Music note Strangled Eggs
  6. Lt icon Birds of a Father
  7. Music note D' Fightin' Ones
  8. Lt icon The Abominable Snow Rabbit
  9. Lt icon Lickety-Splat
  10. Lt icon A Scent of the Matterhorn
  11. Lt icon The Rebel Without Claws
  12. Music note Compressed Hare
  13. Lt icon The Pied Piper of Guadalupe
  14. Lt icon Prince Violent
  15. Lt icon Daffy's Inn Trouble
  16. Lt icon What's My Lion?
  17. Music note Beep Prepared
  18. Music note The Last Hungry Cat
  19. Music note Nelly's Folly

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