Robin Hood Daffy Lobby Card

"Robin Hood Daffy"


1958-59 season rings. WARNER BROS without the dot.

1958 was one of the years of the Golden Age of Looney Tunes. Note that all cartoons from this year had blue Color Rings with the WB zooming shield.


  1. Music note Don't Axe Me (McKimson/January 4)
  2. Lt icon Tortilla Flaps (McKimson/January 18/4:3)
  3. Music note Hare-Less Wolf (Freleng/February 1)
  4. Lt icon A Pizza Tweety-Pie (Freleng/February 22)
  5. Music note Robin Hood Daffy (Jones/March 8/3:3)
  6. Lt icon Hare-Way to the Stars (Jones/March 29/1:2 P) Blueribbon icon (Blue Ribbon reissue in 1968.)
  7. Music note Whoa, Be-Gone! (Jones/April 12/2:2)
  8. Lt icon A Waggily Tale (Freleng/April 26)
  9. Music note Feather Bluster (McKimson/May 10)
  10. Lt icon Now Hare This (McKimson/May 31)
  11. Music note To Itch His Own (Jones/June 28)
  12. Lt icon Dog Tales (McKimson/July 26)
  13. Lt icon Knighty Knight Bugs (Freleng/August 23/4:1/3:1 P)
  14. Music note Weasel While You Work (McKimson/September 6/FL: BB)
  15. Music note A Bird in a Bonnet (Freleng/September 27)
  16. Lt icon Hook, Line and Stinker (Jones/October 11/6:1)
  17. Lt icon Pre-Hysterical Hare (McKimson/November 1)
  18. Lt icon Gopher Broke (McKimson/November 15/FL: BB)
  19. Music note Hip Hip-Hurry! (Jones/December 6)
  20. Music note Cat Feud (Jones/December 20/4:4)

Blue Ribbon Reissues

1957 - 1958 Season

1958 - 1959 Season

  1. Lt icon Two's a Crowd (Jones/November 22)

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