1955 is another year when Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts were released.

Notable events


Speedy's new design.


  1. Music note "Pizzicato Pussycat" (Freleng/Jan 1/4:4)
  2. Music note "Feather Dusted" (McKimson/Jan 15)
  3. Music note "Pests for Guests" (Freleng/Jan 29) Blueribbon icon {Reissue on May 30, 1964}
  4. Music note "Beanstalk Bunny" (Jones/Feb 12)
  5. Lt icon "All Fowled Up" (McKimson/Feb 19/FL: BB)
  6. Music note "Stork Naked" (Freleng/Feb 26/)
  7. Music note "Lighthouse Mouse" (McKimson/Mar 12) Blueribbon icon {Reissue on Dec 16, 1967(not given new titles)}
  8. Lt icon "Sahara Hare" (Freleng/Mar 26/4:1)
  9. Lt icon "Sandy Claws" (Freleng/Apr 2/3:2 P)
  10. Lt icon "The Hole Idea" (McKimson/Apr 16/6:4)
  11. Lt icon "Ready.. Set.. Zoom!" (Jones/Apr 30/2:2)
  12. Music note "Hare Brush" (Freleng/May 7)
  13. Music note "Past Perfumance" (Jones/May 21)
  14. Music note "Tweety's Circus" (Freleng/Jun 4)
  15. Lt icon "Rabbit Rampage" (Jones/Jun 11/6:1)
  16. Lt icon "Lumber Jerks" (Freleng/Jun 25/1:4)
  17. Music note "This Is a Life?" (Freleng/Jul 9)
  18. Lt icon "Double or Mutton" (Jones/Jul 13)
  19. Music note "Jumpin' Jupiter" (Jones/Aug 6/6:1)
  20. Music note "A Kiddies Kitty" (Freleng/Aug 20) Blueribbon icon {Reissue on Aug 15, 1964}
  21. Lt icon "Hyde and Hare" (Freleng/Aug 27/2:1)
  22. Lt icon "Dime to Retire" (McKimson/Sep 3)
  23. Music note "Speedy Gonzales" (Freleng/Sep 17/1:4)
  24. Music note "Knight-Mare Hare" (Jones/Oct 1/4:1)
  25. Music note "Two Scent's Worth" (Jones/Oct 15)
  26. Lt icon "Red Riding Hoodwinked" (Freleng/Oct 29/5:2)
  27. Lt icon "Roman Legion-Hare" (Freleng/Nov 12/4:1)
  28. Lt icon "Heir-Conditioned" (Freleng/Nov 26/6:2)
  29. Lt icon "Guided Muscle" (Jones/Dec 10/2:2)
  30. Music note "Pappy's Puppy" (Freleng/Dec 17)
  31. Music note "One Froggy Evening" (Jones/Dec 31/2:4)

1955 became the year where the opening themes of both Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies were arranged by Milt Franklin. However, some cartoons still contained to use the older themes even after the first short with a new theme was created. Meaning that after Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes shorts from the first half were done being used mixing the older and newer Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies theme songs, the 1946-1955 Looney Tunes opening and end theme, the 1945-1955 Merrie Melodies opening theme, and the 1941-1955 Merrie Melodies closing theme were all permanently replaced with the 1955-1964 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies themes. The rings changed from red rings with blue background to green rings with red background, however, some cartoons from the 1955-1956 season continued to use the red rings and blue background at the end only.

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