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1942 was one of the golden years of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.


  • The Looney Tunes series starts 3-hue color production starting with The Hep Cat. The 1942-43 season uses thicker rings instead of the music note background from 1936-42. The black and white WARNER BROS. Present were different from the color ones.
  • For this year and the next most would still be black and white.


  1. Music note Hop, Skip, and a Chump (Freleng/Jan 3) Blueribbon icon
  2. Lt icon Porky's Pastry Pirates (Freleng/Jan 17)
  3. Music note The Bird Came C.O.D. (Jones/Jan 17)
  4. Music note Aloha Hooey (Avery/Jan 30)
  5. Lt icon Who's Who in the Zoo (McCabe/Feb 14)
  6. Lt icon Porky's Cafe (Jones/Feb 21)
  7. Music note Conrad the Sailor (Jones/Feb 28/4:4)
  8. Music note Crazy Cruise (Avery and Clampett/Mar 14/5:3)
  9. Music note The Wabbit Who Came to Supper (Freleng/Mar 28/3:1)
  10. Lt icon Saps in Chaps (Freleng/Apr 11)
  11. Music note Horton Hatches the Egg (Clampett/Apr 11/6:4) Blueribbon icon
  12. Music note Dog Tired (Jones/Apr 25)
  13. Lt icon Daffy's Southern Exposure (McCabe/May 2)
  14. Music note The Wacky Wabbit (Clampett/May 2/5:3)
  15. Music note The Draft Horse (Jones/May 9)
  16. Lt icon Nutty News (Clampett/May 23)
  17. Music note Lights Fantastic (Freleng/May 23)
  18. Lt icon Hobby Horse-Laffs (McCabe/Jun 6)
  19. Music note Hold the Lion, Please (Jones/Jun 13)
  20. Lt icon Gopher Goofy (McCabe/Jun 27)
  21. Music note Double Chaser (Freleng/Jun 27) Blueribbon icon
  22. Lt icon Wacky Blackout (Clampett/Jul 11)
  23. Music note Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (Clampett/Jul 11/1:3)
  24. Music note Foney Fables (Freleng/Aug 1/5:2)
  25. Lt icon The Ducktators (McCabe/Aug 1)
  26. Music note The Squawkin' Hawk (Jones/Aug 8) Blueribbon icon
  27. Lt icon Eatin' on the Cuff or, The Moth Who Came to Dinner (Clampett/Aug 22/5:4)
  28. Music note Fresh Hare (Freleng/Aug 22)
  29. Lt icon The Impatient Patient (McCabe/Sep 5)
  30. Music note Fox Pop (Jones/Sep 5) Blueribbon icon
  31. Music note The Dover Boys at Pimento University or The Rivals of Roquefort Hall (Jones/Sep 10/2:2)
  32. Lt icon The Hep Cat* (Clampett/Oct 3/2:4) Blueribbon icon
  33. Music note The Sheepish Wolf (Freleng/Oct 17) Blueribbon icon
  34. Lt icon The Daffy Duckaroo (McCabe/Oct 24)
  35. Music note The Hare-Brained Hypnotist (Freleng/Oct 31/2:1)
  36. Music note A Tale of Two Kitties (Clampett/Nov 21/5:3) Blueribbon icon
  37. Lt icon My Favorite Duck* (Jones/Dec 5/4:2s**) Blueribbon icon
  38. Music note Ding Dog Daddy (Freleng/Dec 5)
  39. Music note Case of the Missing Hare (Jones/Dec 12/3:1)

* 1942-1943 onwards, Color Looney Tunes begins, and also begins using "bullet" opening and closing title sequences, usually with thicker rings, and has the same color titles as Merrie Melodies
* First appearance of Beaky Buzzard. **Appears in Special Features - Bugs Bunny: Superstar - Part 2. 

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