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1939 is one of the years in the Golden Age of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.


  • The finalized Looney Tunes logo debuts in Porky's Hotel, however, for unknown reasons, had the 1937-39 Porky ending instead of the 1939-46 one.
  • Starting with Land of the Midnight Fun, the background changes to sky and with red white and blue rings for the first half of the 1939-40 season.


  1. Lt icon The Lone Stranger and Porky
  2. Music note Dog Gone Modern
  3. Lt icon It's an Ill Wind
  4. Music note Hamateur Night
  5. Music note Robin Hood Makes Good
  6. Lt icon Porky's Tire Trouble
  7. Music note Gold Rush Daze
  8. Lt icon Porky's Movie Mystery
  9. Music note A Day at the Zoo
  10. Music note Prest-O Change-O
  11. Lt icon Chicken Jitters
  12. Music note Bars and Stripes Forever
  13. Music note Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur
  14. Lt icon Porky and Teabiscuit
  15. Music note Thugs with Dirty Mugs
  16. Lt icon Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.
  17. Music note Naughty But Mice
  18. Music note Hobo Gadget Band
  19. Lt icon Polar Pals
  20. Music note Believe It Or Else
  21. Lt icon Scalp Trouble
  22. Music note Old Glory
  23. Lt icon Porky's Picnic
  24. Music note Dangerous Dan McFoo
  25. Music note Snowman's Land
  26. Lt icon Wise Quacks
  27. Music note Hare-um Scare-um
  28. Music note Detouring America
  29. Lt icon Porky's Hotel
  30. Music note Little Brother Rat
  31. Music note Sioux Me
  32. Lt icon Jeepers Creepers
  33. Music note Land of the Midnight Fun
  34. Lt icon Naughty Neighbors
  35. Music note The Little Lion Hunter
  36. Music note The Good Egg
  37. Music note Fresh Fish
  38. Lt icon Pied Piper Porky
  39. Music note Fagin's Freshman
  40. Lt icon Porky the Giant Killer
  41. Music note Sniffles and the Bookworm
  42. Lt icon The Film Fan
  43. Music note Screwball Football
  44. Music note The Curious Puppy


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