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Daffy Duck debuts in Porky's Duck Hunt

"The Merry-go-round Broke Down" (Looney Tunes theme)03:12

"The Merry-go-round Broke Down" (Looney Tunes theme)

Original Looney Tunes Theme Score

1937 is another year featuring Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts. Thirty-three cartoons were released in this year.


  • The Looney Tunes start using "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" as their theme music.
  • Porky's famous "in a drum" closing was first used. The Porky drum design was changed 2 years from now.
  • The Porky Signature theme was abandoned after Porky's Garden.
  • The Porky Signature theme is used on the closing for only 4 cartoons similar to how the Merrie Melodies started using an instrumental version of Merrily We Roll Along on the closing titles starting with Plenty of Money and You.
  • First cartoon by Bob Clampett.
  • First appearence of Gabby Goat.
  • All cartoons by Ub Iwerks were made this year.
  • First color cartoon by Frank Tashlin.
  • First appearence of Daffy Duck.
  • Both cartoons, Uncle Tom's Bungalow and Clean Pastures were released right after each other, and are notable for being in the Censored Eleven.
  • The colors change from blue from 1936-37 to yellow rings starting with Little Red Walking Hood.


  1. Music note He Was Her Man (Freleng/Jan 2) Blueribbon icon
  2. Lt icon Porky the Wrestler (Avery/Jan 9)
  3. Music note Pigs Is Pigs (Freleng/Jan 30/3:3) Blueribbon icon
  4. Lt icon Porky's Road Race (Tashlin/Feb 6/3:2)
  5. Lt icon Picador Porky (Avery/Feb 27) Mel Blanc’s first LT.
  6. Music note I Only Have Eyes For You (Avery/Mar 6) Blueribbon icon
  7. Music note The Fella with the Fiddle (Freleng/Mar 27) Blueribbon icon
  8. Lt icon Porky's Romance (Tashlin/Apr 3/3:3)
  9. Music note She Was an Acrobat's Daughter (Freleng/Apr 10/3:2)
  10. Lt icon Porky's Duck Hunt (Avery/Apr 17)
  11. Music note Ain't We Got Fun (Avery/Apr 17) Blueribbon icon
  12. Lt icon Porky and Gabby (Iwerks/May 15)
  13. Music note Clean Pastures (Freleng/May 22) ††
  14. Music note Uncle Tom's Bungalow (Avery/Jun 5) ††
  15. Lt icon Porky's Building (Tashlin/Jun 19)
  16. Music note Streamlined Greta Green (Freleng/Jun 19)
  17. Music note Sweet Sioux (Freleng/Jun 26) Blueribbon icon
  18. Lt icon Porky's Super Service (Iwerks/Jul 3)
  19. Music note Egghead Rides Again (Avery/Jul 17)
  20. Lt icon Porky's Badtime Story (Clampett/Jul 24)
  21. Music note Plenty of Money and You (Freleng/Jul 31) Blueribbon icon
  22. Lt icon Porky's Railroad (Tashlin/Aug 7/4:2)
  23. Music note A Sunbonnet Blue (Avery/Aug 21) Blueribbon icon
  24. Lt icon Get Rich Quick Porky (Clampett/LT Aug 28)
  25. Music note Speaking of the Weather (Tashlin/Sep 4/3:2) Blueribbon icon
  26. Lt icon Porky's Garden (Avery/Sep 11)
  27. Music note Dog Daze (Freleng/Sep 18)
  28. Music note I Wanna Be a Sailor (Avery/Sep 25) Blueribbon icon
  29. Lt icon Rover's Rival (Clampett/Oct 9)
  30. Music note The Lyin' Mouse (Freleng/Oct 16) Blueribbon icon
  31. Lt icon The Case of the Stuttering Pig (Tashlin/Oct 30/4:2)
  32. Music note Little Red Walking Hood (Avery/Nov 6/5:2) Blueribbon icon
  33. Lt icon Porky's Double Trouble (Tashlin/Nov 13/5:4)
  34. Music note The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos (Tashlin/Dec 4/3:2)
  35. Lt icon Porky's Hero Agency (Clampett/Dec 4)
  36. Music note September in the Rain (Freleng/Dec 18) Blueribbon icon

Character Debuts



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