• It's Got Me Again! is the first Warner Bros. cartoon to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Theatrical Shorts

  1. Lt icon "Bosko at the Zoo", January 9
  2. Music note "Pagan Moon", January 23
  3. Lt icon "Battling Bosko", February 6
  4. Music note "Freddy the Freshman", February 20
  5. Lt icon "Big-Hearted Bosko", March 5
  6. Music note "Crosby, Columbo, and Vallee", March 19
  7. Lt icon "Bosko's Party", April 2
  8. Music note "Goopy Geer", April 16
  9. Lt icon "Bosko and Bruno", April 4
  10. Music note "It's Got Me Again!", May 14
  11. Music note "Moonlight for Two", June 11
  12. Lt icon "Bosko's Dog Race", June 25
  13. Music note "The Queen Was in the Parlor", July 9
  14. Lt icon "Bosko at the Beach", July 23
  15. Music note "I Love a Parade", August 6
  16. Lt icon "Bosko's Store", August 13
  17. Lt icon "Bosko the Lumberjack", September 3
  18. Music note "You're Too Careless with Your Kisses!", September 10
  19. Lt icon "Ride Him, Bosko!", September 17
  20. Lt icon "I Wish I Had Wings", October 15
  21. Lt icon "Bosko the Drawback", October 22
  22. Music note "A Great Big Bunch of You", November 12
  23. Lt icon "Bosko's Dizzy Date", November 19
  24. Music note "Three's a Crowd", December 10
  25. Lt icon "Bosko's Woodland Daze", December 17

Character debuts

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