1931 was the year the Merrie Melodies series started. In that year, 17 cartoons were made. The oldest entry in the infamous Censored Eleven, a series of cartoons that United Artists pulled from circulation in 1968 due to offensive stereotyping of black people, was released this year.

All shorts this year are in the public domain.

Theatrical Shorts

  1. January - Lt icon "Big Man from The North"
  2. February - Lt icon "Ain't Nature Grand!"
  3. March - Lt icon "Ups 'n Downs"
  4. April - Lt icon "Dumb Patrol"
  5. May - Lt icon "Yodeling Yokels"
  6. June - Lt icon "Bosko's Holiday"
  7. July - Lt icon "The Tree's Knees"
  8. August - Music note "Lady, Play Your Mandolin!"
  9. September 5 - Music note "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!"
  10. September 19 - Lt icon "Bosko Shipwrecked!"
  11. October 3 - Music note "One More Time"
  12. October 17 - Lt icon "Bosko the Doughboy"
  13. October 31 - Music note "You Don't Know What You're Doin'!"
  14. November 14 - Lt icon "Bosko's Soda Fountain"
  15. November 28 - Music note "Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land"
  16. December 12 - Lt icon "Bosko's Fox Hunt"
  17. December 26 - Music note "Red-Headed Baby"

Character Debuts

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